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Agumi is a fashion planning and manufacturing company with a specialty in pattern making,  based in Tokyo, Japan established in 1983.

Based in the Omotesando neighborhood of Tokyo, our atelier caters to both domestic and overseas clients.


During the day, we function as a fashion planning studio.  At night, 

our atelier transforms into a leisure space, catering to creative partners and friends.


Pattern Quality

Agumi is best known for our expert senior modelists with patterning skills developed over 40 years of professional experience across Tokyo, Paris, and Milan.

Sensei Andosan provides guidance and mentorship to patterners, designers, sales teams, manufacturers, and others in the industry.  

Design & Factory Services

Agumi is able to provide end-to-end services beyond patterning.


Our in-house design team can help bring your creative vision into reality.

We can also provide support with the manufacturing process as well, helping to ensure a high standard of sewing along with a punctual production schedule to meet your deadlines. 


After hours, Agumi's atelier transforms from a bustling fashion studio into a vibrant bistro, catering to Agumi's creative partners.

Whether you are a visionary creator, an artist, or simply seeking to collaborate, Agumi's atelier offers a warm and inviting atmosphere to enjoy delicious cuisine, sip on wines and sake, and connect with members of Tokyo's fashion community. 

Let's Discuss 
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Service Areas:

Japan, USA, International

B-003 Metroca

5-40-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 150-0001, Japan

+1 443 851 6504 

+81 03 6427 4238

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